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Forest Legacy Program

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Wildlife Services

With interest in wildlife growing, many landowners are unsure where to turn for help. While some landowners want to improve investment returns or develop their property, others desire to enhance wildlife resources and expand hunting opportunities.

Whatever the objective,

We Can Help.

Integrated Resource Management

We understand the need to manage all the resources to realize your land's full potential. That's why we've developed an Integrated Resource Management approach. This approach to total resource management recognizes that all of the resources in your forests, game and non-game wildlife, trees, plants, soil, and water, must be considered together if use of any one of these resources is to be sustainable. Our diverse team of natural resource specialists is uniquely suited for this integrated approach to management of your land.

What We Do

We work with you to identify your goals & objectives and design a solution tailored to your needs. Our team of natural resource professionals will work with you by providing a broad range of services including:

  • Integrated wildlife & timber management planning
  • Hunting lease administration
  • Endangered species surveys
  • BMP audits
  • Game fence development & management
  • Wetlands delineation

For additional information or to talk with one of our Certified Wildlife Biologists, please contact us at info@preceda.com or call 334.514.3000.