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On-Site Programs

Why On-Site Programs?

Cost Savings - On-Site Workshops from PRÉCEDA are the most cost-effective way to increase the impact of your training dollars. You’ll save travel costs, you’ll save lodging costs, and you’ll provide an opportunity for all of your staff to participate

Convenience - On-Site Workshops are conducted at the location of your choice at a time that is most convenient for you and your staff.

Custom Programs - On-Site Workshops are tailored to meet your needs. Using surveys, interviews, or on-site visits, our staff will work with you to determine your needs and tailor the program and materials to ensure that your staff receives information specifically designed for them.

Comprehensive - Our staff will work with you, not only to identify your current needs but also to anticipate your future needs. Based on our years of experience working with organizations, we can help you assess where you are, where you want to be, and what type of training and development it will take to get there.

Commitment - "It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know that counts." On-Site Workshops present an opportunity for the instructor to call for a commitment to act on information presented and to establish accountability within the organization for follow through.

Consultation - Once your staff begins to use the information presented in the workshop, questions inevitably arise. Every On-site Workshop includes a six-month telephone consultation service with the instructor at no extra cost.

Communication - One of the single greatest challenges most organizations face today is effective internal communication. On-Site Workshops provide a forum for extensive communication to occur around topics that are key to the success of your organization.

Collaboration - Providing a forum for communication to occur creates the ideal environment for collaboration to follow. Our instructors are trained not only to effectively convey the information, but also to facilitate this team and organizational building process.

On-Site Process

Through a series of phone or on-site interviews, we determine your organization’s needs and goals for the training session. We also attempt to determine current knowledge about the topic as well any challenges or opportunities associated with the topic. We then design a program utilizing existing programs or developing a new program targeted to address needs, your constraints, and your goals. Next, we’ll identify the best instructor to deliver the program based on expertise and experience. Finally, we work with you to coordinate and deliver the program at the time and location of your choice.