Forest Legacy Program

"Of Alabama's 21.9 million acres of forest land, about 95 percent is privately owned.  Many of these forests are being developed for housing, retail and manufacturing, and infrastructure and are also being subdivided into smaller and smaller parcels.  Economic pressures on forest owners, such as escalating land values and property and inheritance taxes, lead to conversion of rural areas into suburbs and suburban areas into extended towns and cities.  As Alabama's population continues to grow this conversion of forest to non-forest uses will continue.

The Forest Legacy Program is a program that will be administered by the Alabama Forestry Commission and funded through grants from the US Forest Service.  The Alabama Forestry Commission and the State Forest Stewardship Committee has contracted with the Alabama Forest Resources Center to develop the Assessment of Need (AON) document required to apply for participation in the Forest Legacy Program.  Part of the process for developing the AON is to provide for public participation. 

As a result, PRECEDA Education & Training, on behalf of the Alabama Forest Resources Center, will be conducting a series of Public Discussions at six locations throughout the state.  In addition to attending one of these discussions, interested parties may obtain a copy of the Forest Legacy Feedback Questionnaire and return it to PRECEDA."


of Need
(2nd Draft)
Public Discussion
Schedule & Directions